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AlreadyBuilt is a B2B marketplace enabling organisations to buy and sell commercially proven solutions

Dane Eldridge

Our mission is to save teams from developing solutions that already exist.

Dane Eldridge, CEO & Founder

Our story

Our founder and CEO, Dane Eldridge, spent 15 years leading one of Australia's premier custom web & software development agencies.

During this time, Dane observed that organisations would often invest heavily in a custom solution, not realising that another organisation had already built an almost identical solution elsewhere. Meanwhile, yet another organisation, would be considering a third build for a similar project using a different team of developers and… well, you get the idea.

In the custom web & software industry there was no platform or commercial incentive to expose a solution that had been created by one organisation for use by another organisation facing the same challenges or objectives.

After six months of successful validation and refinement the AlreadyBuilt platform went live in December 2016. Launching with a modest number of custom built solutions for resale, new solutions are being added to the platform all the time.

Our Team

Dane Eldridge

Dane Eldridge


Dane established AlreadyBuilt following on from the success of his development agency 4mation Technologies. When he's not working, Dane can be found attempting to beat his running PB, listening to audiobooks or BBQing up a feast for his family.

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Head of Technology

Scott brings strong technical expertise to AlreadyBuilt with over 15 years’ experience leading tech teams. In his spare time, Scott can be found doing indoor or outdoor climbing or busting moves on the dance floor.

For Solution Owners

A first of its kind, AlreadyBuilt enables owners of commercially proven solutions to generate revenue by selling copies to non-competitors. AlreadyBuilt takes care of the entire process from marketing to sales and legals. Best of all, there’s no cost to owners.

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For Purchasers

Access solutions that have been implemented and are currently in use at another organisation. Save hours of time and thousands of dollars, and avoid developing a solution that already exists.

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For Referrers

Do you know an organisation with an unleveraged solution that’s currently hidden from the world? Introduce it to AlreadyBuilt and be rewarded via our lucrative referral program.

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For Implementation Partners

AlreadyBuilt has a growing network of implementation partners who can provide implementation and customisation services for solutions purchased on the platform. To apply to become an implementation partner on the platform as a partner.

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