FAQ: For Implementation Partners

This is up to the client - they can use their own development team, or appoint your team to do it for them (if you offer this as a service).
Yes. There's no obligation to take on a project - it's entirely your choice.
There's nothing worse than working on spaghetti code, so you have the opportunity to review the code, and ensure it meets your quality standards prior to taking on any project.
Yes. A number of our implementation partners also list solutions on AlreadyBuilt. To get started listing a solution follow the prompts on this page.
There is no cap. The more quality vendors and purchasers you introduce, the more you can expect to earn.
You get paid 10% for introducing a solution owner, and 15% for introducing a solution buyer. This payment can be made to a business, an individual or to your favourite charity, whichever you'd prefer.
Referral fees are paid at the end of each month for transactions completed in that month.
Not at this stage, but you can sign up as a referrer.
No. We refer clients to you free, because we see our implementation partners as critical to helping us grow awareness about AlreadyBuilt.
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