FAQ: For Purchasers

Solutions are priced as a one off licence fee - you're buying a copy of the source code that you can use and modify for your business. Make an enquiry about a solution to receive exact pricing.
There's nothing worse than working on spaghetti code, so you'll have the opportunity to review the code and ensure it meets your quality standards before deciding whether to purchase a soloution.
No. At this stage AlreadyBuilt offers only complete solutions that have been commercially proven.
No. You can use and modify the solution, but you can’t re-sell copies.
That’s very common. When you buy the solution, you can tailor the solution (adding and removing features and functionality) as you see fit, or we can connect you with a development agency who can do this for you.
You can use your own internal development team, your external agency, or we can connect you with professional Implementation Partners if you don't have either.
Technologies used in any given solution will be clearly identified on the solution page or is available on request. Browse solutions and their tech stacks here.
Don’t worry – submit your requirements to our FREE find a solution service, and we’ll go out and find a solution for you. There's no obligation to purchase.
Yes. You have full access to modify and integrate the solutions as you see fit.
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