FAQ: For Referrers

It's quick and easy - just email with the contact details of the person you'd like to introduce, and we'll take it from there.
There is no cap. The more quality vendors and purchasers you introduce, the more you can expect to earn (you get paid 10-15% of any transactions your introductions are involved with).
You'll be paid 10% for introducing a solution owner and 15% for introducing a solution purchaser. These payments can be made to a business, an individual, or donated to your favourite charity whichever you'd prefer.
Referral fees are paid at the end of the month for transactions completed in that month.
Your responsibilities start and end with making a quality introduction (and providing your bank account details so we can pay you!). We take care of the rest.
No. Provided you know them and have introduced them to AlreadyBuilt (just email their contact details to, and we'll take care of the rest).
No problems. This automatically registers you as a referrer.
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