FAQ: For Solution Owners

Listing your solution on AlreadyBuilt is FREE - we don't charge anything to list your solution. We take care of sales, marketing and legals in exchange for a 50/50 share of revenue on successful transactions. Meaning we only get paid if you get paid. Worst case scenario if your solution doesn't sell, you're no worse off. Best case scenario you generate a significant amount of revenue and recoup the original cost of your development multiple times over.
Purchasers will usually want to tailor the solution - this could be as simple as changing some imagery and content, or it could be as involved as adding and removing modules/features and integrating it with third party applications. The purchaser (or their implementation partner) is responsible for making these changes.
No. The process is designed to be quick and easy for you to list - so no need to refactor your code. Source code is sold on an as-is basis. You don't need to prepare the solution for white labelling etc - this is all done by the purchaser or their implementation partner. Note that purchasers will have the opportunity to run a supervised code review before purchasing.
No. Customisations, ongoing development and support are provided by the purchaser’s development team, or an implementation partner.
The best way to find out is to book a complimentary solution appraisal– our experienced team can help identify suitable market opportunities for your solution. Alternatively, they can confirm if the solution is not sale-able. Often, we find solutions can work for other industries or functional areas with just a few minor tweaks.
The whole process is designed to be fast and easy - so you're free to maintain your focus on your core activities. Typically to get your solution published on AlreadyBuilt you're looking at less than one hour of effort.
Yes. You can define organisations, regions or industries who you are not willing to sell to.
Purchasers buy a copy of the source code that they can modify and use as they see fit. The only restriction is they are not permitted to re-sell copies of the solution (you retain the master license).
No. There's no requirement to provide application updates. If you want to provide software updates you can agree this with the purchaser (or not) at your discretion.
No. The purchaser is given the opportunity to assess the solution prior to purchasing. After purchasing, all customisations and ongoing development and support are the responsibility of the purchaser (or their implementation partner).
We're open to all commercially proven technology stacks. Solutions on the marketplace include but are not limited to: .NET, PHP, Ruby, Java etc. Browse solutions to see more available tech stacks here.
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