Generate windfall revenue
using your solution

Minimal effort, zero risk

Capture the value your solution can provide to other organisations

It's a big world out there, and chances are the custom solution you own is a great fit for other organisations.

But right now your solution is hidden, and not commercially available.

AlreadyBuilt provides a secure way to make your solution discoverable, and to enable reputable businesses to purchase their own copy. And even better - you're not responsible for ongoing development and support.

You get windfall revenue, and the purchaser uses their own development team or implementation partner to tailor it to meet their requirements.

Generate revenue using AlreadyBuilt

Sell instances of your solution with minimal effort and zero risk

  • No need to hire sales people
  • No need to prepare marketing material
  • No need to prepare sales and licensing agreements
  • No responding to sales enquiries or customisation requests
  • No support or development responsibilities post-transaction

Is my solution suitable?

Solutions within the following categories that are owned and being used successfully by your organisation are suitable.

Web application
Mobile App

If in doubt, book a complimentary Solution Appraisal to unearth the hidden value in your solution.

How it works

YouWhat AlreadyBuilt does
01 Evaluation Make an enquiry
  • A complimentary Solution Appraisal to unearth the hidden value in your solution(s)
  • A high level indication of its market value
  • Identify potential purchasers and target markets
02 Marketing Provide a copy of your solution
  • Prepare marketing material for your solution
  • List the solution on our marketplace
  • Notify our partner network that it's available
03 Sales Process Sit back and relax
  • Proactively introduce your solution to relevant purchasers
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Connect purchasers with implementation partners if required
04 Purchase Receive funds
  • Facilitate a secure transaction for both the owner and purchaser

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