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Commercial Loan Comparison Site

Mobile based solution that helps people compare business loans and request more information to generate leads.

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Online Ordering System

Capture restaurant meal orders via online ordering system

Ratings Website

Website directory for general practitioners that allows users to find them, rate them and see cost of visit.

Used Products Database App

An app that connects via API where people can search children's products to make sure they are buying used items that are still safe and in production.

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Cloud Based Accounting Software

Cloud based accounting software including modules for POS, payroll, general accounting and a mobile app for owners to gain visibility on revenue streams

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eCommerce Integration System

System that integrates external (eg customer) eCommerce portals into Cargowise ERP. Ability to consolidate orders so they can picked and shipped without resorting to manual processes.

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Patient Record App

App to document progress notes, complete compulsory assessments and enter observations for patients. Reduce need for paper-based processes.

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Event Booking and Management System

Facilitate online bookings for lessons to be held at retail locations. Preference for event templates that can be rolled out across multiple stores with email automation for invites/reminders etc.

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Integrated Research App

An integrated research mgmt app that handles ethics and grants process. Ideally has an open source thesis publishing platform.

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Local Area Marketing Tool

System that enables small businesses to quickly and easily populate content to local directories and searchable platforms

Online Store

Online store with regional distributor functionality

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Fitness App

On demand fitness and nutrition app

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Version Management System

System to manage content and version control for documents created in InDesign software

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Time Sheeting Software

Time sheeting software that can handle various types and requirements of overtime

Damage Assessment App

Browser based app enabling end users to capture video imagery via their mobile device camera to show to admin user in real time during an audio conversation

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Claims Lodgement System

System enabling customer to submit a form online, and provide additional document/photos/images of damage. Admin area to receive and manage these claims.

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Unclaimed Deposits Tool

Enables users to view unclaimed deposit records and provide related documentation to claim them. Integrate with ERP (Peoplesoft Finance)

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Grants/Project Reporting Tool

Enables financial reporting of grants and projects. Self-service, mobile friendly, drill-down on interactive dashboards, support SSO via ERP

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Project Based Recruitment Platform

Connects job seekers/contractors to specific projects within organisations. Needs alert notifications, sign up access only and candidate, company and project profile pages

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Financial Data Collection Tool

Enables finance and non-finance users to submit journal creation requests to centralised teams. Business validation rules, approvals, exports to csv or xlsx

Tenant Document Sharing Portal

Enable tenants to login and securely download on-boarding documents. Documents can be a) generic, b) specific to the property they're renting or c) specific to the tenant.

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OCR Solution

Enables users to upload a PDF or photo of an invoice, and extract the data into a database.

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Video Upload & Payment System

Enable users to register, and upload/download videos. Users submit selected videos (along with credit card payment) for processing/third party services (to be carried out outside of the system). Requires embedded video player

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Smart Contracting System

Enabling a vendor/service provider to stipulate a term sheet or enforceable contract with criteria to be met before further communications occur. Ideally to include immediate transaction using digital currency platform

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Bug Workflow Management System

System to manage customer complaints and track and manage user-generated bugs

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Staff Performance Management System

System enabling goal setting and performance reviews

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Quality Management System

System to store policies and procedures, and to ensure quality management procedures have been completed

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Calendar Management System

Calendar booking app enabling contractors to manage their availability and accept jobs

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Customer Facing App

App that has chat, inventory management, trades portal and e-commerce functionalities

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Travel Insurance Quoting System

Front-end web-based system to provide travel insurance quotes

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Loan Management Solution

Solution that manages the status of lendees throughout the repayment process

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Real Estate Referral Tracking System

Tool that tracks referrals for the real estate industry

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Governance and Compliance Solution

System that monitors progress of work-related audits and incidents

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Intranet Portal for HR

Internal portal for managing the HR function

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Marketing Tool

Marketing platform that can be used to promote content

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Commercial Finance CRM

System that produces loan credit proposals based on customer application data

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Web-based ChatBot that integrates with any CRM that is encrypted and secure

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Legal CRM

CRM that can send automatic legal notifications on certain dates via email

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Inbound/Outbound Call Center CRM

Standard inbound/outbound call center CRM that tracks value-based data as part of the call

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Crowdfunding platform

Platform to build out a community of like-minded individuals to crowdfund for specific projects

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Content marketplace

Community-based platform where creators, curators and consumers can share, license and consume content

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