Field Service Management Software

  • Match technicians with customers based on location and skillset
  • Reduce data entry time and errors with smart automation and reminders
  • Increase quality control with mandatory job checklists
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Optimise your service company with this smart job management software.

This field service management software enables you to manage your entire service business from one easy to use, cloud-based platform.

Optimised for phone as well as desktop, you can track and schedule service or dispatch jobs to your field workforce. Reduce labor costs and optimise your customer experience.

Built for the specific needs of a field services company, the interface allows you to easily schedule jobs based on location and skills, setup users and customers in a few clicks, track job progress and send estimates or invoices.

Integrated with Stripe for easy payment and Twilio for SMS reminders – this software solution makes the once arduous task of field job management a breeze.  

Easy to use interface and setup

dashboard field services management software

Setup and edit users and teams in only a few clicks. Add their times and availability, specialisations and whether they are office based or work in the field.

Multiple job types can be added for anything from washing machine repair to general tasks. You can add or edit service items such as repair parts and add a value to each for easy invoicing.

In the settings function, you can change everything from currency, tax rate, notifications and integrations. You can also create and edit templates for invoices, estimates, reminders and more.

Create and edit jobs

create job - field services management software

Creating a new job with the field management software is simple and extremely efficient. Input the job information including: title, type, tags and description. The map functionality allows you to pinpoint the location of the job. 

Schedule the job and assign the correct worker who will be notified via SMS or email.

Via the mobile app, workers can login on the go, view their jobs and get directions from within the app.

If the job is for an existing customer, you can add them to the task and ensure that they also get reminders (via email or SMS) for when the job is due.

Maintain quality control by ensuring your technicians check off mandatory job-specific checklists.

Schedule jobs

schedule job field services management software

Get easy visibility over all jobs, scheduled and unscheduled. Simply click into any job to get a full description of its progress. Each worker is assigned a different colour to stand out.

In the calendar, find a suitable date and time with an available field worker you would like to dispatch. Click the time slot and easily add a new job.

The multi-resource calendar enables you to view jobs and workers by day, week, month, agenda or timeline. Filter by team to show which team members to focus on.

Schedule job email and SMS reminders for customers (with the option to CC staff) and define when to send the reminder.

A user can mark the job as started, which changes the status to ‘in progress’ and counts the time they’re on the job.

Transparency & visibility

job filter services management software

The job section of the field service management software enables you to filter all jobs by status. This includes whether the job is scheduled, in progress, finished, recurring, missed or cancelled.

You can also search by job number, title, customer, location, schedule, type and contacts.

Click any job to get a full description of everything connected to it.

Click and drag jobs directly onto the calendar including information about service items, checklist and custom fields.


Integrated with Google Maps

Mobile mockup create edit job field services management software

This field management software is integrated with Google Maps. Using the mobile app, users can login, see their jobs and get directions from within the app meaning fewer late appointments.

View all locations of jobs on the map for a given date and simply click on it to view.

One of the great aspects of the map functionality is its ability to track technician locations. This is extremely beneficial for customer updates, productivity, assigning jobs, and for urgent issues. This kind of transparency can increase customer satisfaction many times over.

Customer visibility

customers field services management software

Get greater visibility on your customers via the field service management software. Set up customer type with options such as residential and commercial.

Search your customers by name, ID, address, contacts and type. 

Import or add new customers to your list with a click of a button. 


Invoices and Estimates

invoice field services management software

The comprehensive invoice and statements section allows users to filter and easily see the total invoiced to them, total paid, total due and overdue.

All job history is stored including notes, location, recent jobs and all SMS’s and emails.

Easily email or print a statement for your customer, based on a date range and set up automated reminders. The customer can approve or reject an estimated quote directly.

Customers can also integrate to their own Stripe account for quick and efficient payment.


Data & Reporting

reports field services management software

Set up new customer, job or invoice reports with the click of a button, filtering to the information you need.

Each report can be exported to excel allowing you to distribute to colleagues and providing you with clean, up-to-date data.

Get up and running within 24 hours
You’re in control
You get a copy of the source code
Tailor the interface
Add and remove functionality

hours of scoping / design / development time


  • Scheduling for multiple people/technicians.

  • Optimise which technicians go to which customers.  

  • Manage availability of staff.

  • Lightweight customer relationship management, customer history, email history, CMS

  • Invoicing & estimates

  • Avoid duplicate data entry

  • Keep your technicians quality control up by having them check off job specific checklists.


  • Send email and SMS reminders

  • Customer can accept or decline estimates and quotes

  • Secure payment process

  • Address verification via Google Maps

  • SMS verification via Twilio

  • Customisable fields

  • Filter items easily

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Industry suitability

Any industry with workers in the field



We built this because

"Managing teams in the field can be complicated. Between the staff, customers, types of job and the geographical challenges, it was taking far too much time. We wanted to build something that was easy to use, trustworthy and scalable. Something that would make the life of our field workers and admin people easier."

  • Several hundred concurrent users

Hosting environment
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Integrates with
  • Stripe

  • Google Maps

  • Twilio SMS

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