Chat and Group Messaging Platform

  • Professional, fast group messaging platform
  • Increase workplace effectiveness via better communication
  • Easy to invite and onboard people outside your organisation including contractors, customers and suppliers
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Chat and Group Messaging Platform

This responsive web application with mobile apps for iOS and Android enables you to set up internal company group conversations, or private one-on-ones. Or create groups with clients, partners or customers with a few clicks.

Reduce your daily email by up to 50%
If you’re tired of sorting through your email messages all day, then switch your team to Velo and keep all of your important conversations neatly organized in groups.

Share documents instantly with groups
Instead of emailing that presentation around the office, why not just post it in a Velo group shared with the entire team?

Improve workflow with co-workers, clients and customers
Do more than just chat. Interact with your team in many ways: post polls, add task checklists or drop a countdown or calendar event to an important date.

Communicate with people inside and outside the office
There’s no limit to the number of chat groups you can create. Co-workers, customers, clients, it doesn’t matter. Go nuts.

By the numbers

  • Mobile messaging has a strong 98% open rate (vs 22% for email)
  • Workplace productivity increases 20-25% in companies with connected employees
  • 26% of employees say emails distract from their productivity
  • Approximately 85% of life success is the result of communication skills
  • 97% of employees say lack of team alignment hurts a project’s outcome
  • 86% of workers blame failures on poor collaboration and communication

Feature packed communication platform

A professional, business-oriented messaging solution.

External Conversations: Not locked in to your organisation allowing you to conduct chats with members outside your team or company
Short Term Chats: If you are doing a contract for a client, you can invite them to the chat.
Change Owner: You can even leave the chat you started, and another member can take over administration of the chat from that point onward
This solution can do to other industries (service, consulting, sales, etc.) what Slack did for the tech industry
Custom Groups: You can create custom groups and invite multiple people.
User/Guest Management: You can remove members at any time, leaving them with no access
Private Chats: private 1-1 chats, that are guaranteed to never have additional members
Applets: Post powerful applets within groups that perform shared functions in the group: calendar events, checklists, polls, scorecards, and more
Custom Applets: With a powerful plugin API, easily extended with custom functionality for those with software skills
Real Time Updates: See when messages have been read, and when people are typing messages
Attachments: Attach images and files like PDF, Word document, Excel documents, and presentations
Powerful webhook API: lets you make posts to a group from external automated systems

Get up and running within 24 hours
You’re in control
You get a copy of the source code
Tailor the interface
Add and remove functionality

hours of scoping / design / development time


  • Increase workplace productivity

  • Improve communication between internal and external stakeholders

  • More informed decision making based on user polls

  • Better workplace culture and collaboration

  • Reduce costs of internal/external comms

  • Real-time alerts


  • Use on desktop, Android or iOS devices

  • Easily send invitations to other users to join a group. They’ll receive invitations and instantly join the group to participate in the chat

  • Create chat groups with multiple people, or 1-1 private chats with individuals

  • Remove people from group chats if you no longer want them to access the information

  • Post powerful applets in a chat group. For example, group checklists, calendar events, countdowns, polls, scorecards and more

  • Attach images, and file attachments like PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

  • See when people have read or are typing messages

  • Customize your profile with your name and a profile picture

  • Push notifications are sent to your desktop and device when new messages arrive

  • Silence push notifications if you don’t want to be bothered by them: either globally, or on a per-group basis

Used by
Industry suitability

Suitable for any organisation requiring communication both inside and outside of their company

We built this because

"It was started in the early days of Slack, because we found that Slack wasn’t a good tool for managing business conversations with people outside of your immediate company. We decided to make a better business messaging tool for the gig economy, and for people who need to collaborate both inside and outside of the company walls."

  • Used by over 100 customers currently, with over a thousand downloads.

    Designed to scale using Google and Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

Hosting environment
Integrates with
  • Google Maps

    UberConference (optional)

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