Recruitment Software

  • Reduce recruitment costs by 60-80%
  • Rapidly identify the right candidates
  • Video interviewing, personality testing and filtering
multi screen recruitment software
SAVE over

10,000 hours

of scoping, design and development time!

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Turbocharge your recruitment

Recruitment software that turbocharges the performance of your HR and management teams.

In addition to driving effectiveness, the system is easy to use with inbuilt help for each section of the system in plain English.

Includes all the basic features you’d expect from a recruitment system and more, including:

  • Display currently available positions on your website
  • Enable job seekers to apply online with resume, cover letter, contact details and supporting documentation (medical and police clearances etc)

Fill jobs faster

Review Vacancies Recruitment Software

Secure better candidates and fill job vacancies faster, ahead of your competition.

As a talented person becomes available, they often apply for several job vacancies. This recruitment software  manages the recruiting process more efficiently, enabling you to identify and employ the best applicants quickly, before your competitors do.

Build a talent pool of candidates

Applicant History Recruitment Software

Store a full history of applicants that you can search for suitability for future positions.

This enables you to build and create your talent pools and reduce reliance on agencies later on. 

Centralised recruiting intelligence

All recruiting staff and hiring managers can view recruiting data from one source.

Access the recruitment software from anywhere 24×7.

Easy online registration for applicants

Applicant Navigation Recruitment Software
  • A unique website link address enables you to advertise vacancies on your website easily and quickly. An optional 2nd URL is supplied for Graduate vacancies.
  • A 3rd optional URL is available for confidential internal staff job advertising, such as on your Intranet.
  • Applicant details from SEEK and other job boards can be imported automatically into your system.
  • Applications are automatically processed against each job;
  • Free Personality Testing enables applicants to be tested at registration or by invitation.

Mobile apps - Android and iPhones

Mobile App Recruitment Software

Access your data any time on your mobile – review applicants, resumes, photos and access contact details.

Video interviewing

Video Setup Recruitment Software

The recruitment software also offers video interviewing. Applicants can be invited to provide an easy video response at their convenience. The interviewing team view the video response at their convenience. It provides the following benefits:

  • Mitigates scheduling and logistics issues of interviewing
  • Ensures consistency across all interviews
  • Saves staff time by reducing real time interviews
  • Interviewers can view applicant video responses online in their own time

Customisable job questionnaires

Customise Questionnaire Recruitment Software

Create customisable job questionnaires for any job for applicants to complete at registration.

Comprehensive reporting

Reporting Recruitment Software

The following list of reports are available on the recruitment software:

  • Applicant Assessments Reports, combining all data into a single PDF
  • Detailed Workflow management process for job reporting and control
  • Personality Test Reports exported to PDF
  • A detailed range of Psychometric tests and reports are available to access
  • Application & Job Statistical information dynamically available
  • A variety of other data is exportable in excel and PDF formats
Get up and running within 24 hours
You’re in control
You get a copy of the source code
Tailor the interface
Add and remove functionality

hours of scoping / design / development time


  • Save up to 60% of your recruiting budget

  • Reduce advertising costs by 60%

  • Save 2 hrs per day per recruiter

  • Centralised recruiting intelligence

  • Fill jobs in minutes


  • Global job posting service to over 7000 job boards globally

  • Automatic best applicant recommendations

  • Customisable job application questionnaires

  • Automated online reference checking

  • Video interviewing

  • Daily alerts

  • Integrated email and SMS functionality

  • Mass template emailing

  • iPhone and Android Apps

  • Hiring manager applicant reporting

  • Search based on applicant location

Used by
Industry suitability

Any organisation who employ staff, for any business, corporate or Government

Best suited for organisations who recruit 10 to 2000 people per year

Suitable for any industry

Great way for HR teams to manage their recruiting processes

We built this because

"We needed an A-Z recruitment platform that saves time and streamlines the entire process. With this recruitment software, it improves the accuracy of hiring, resulting in fewer hiring failures, reduced recruitment cost and higher team performance."

  • Infinitely scalable for any sized organisation

  • Suitable for as many offices as required, Locally, Nationally, or Globally

  • Can be accessed by as many users as required, from anywhere on the planet, via any device!

  • 999,000+ applicants

  • 99,000+ jobs

Hosting environment
centos hosting recruitment software
Technology stack recruitment software
Integrates with
  • BroadBean

  • SMS Gateway (SMS Global)

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