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  • A marketplace intelligently connecting employers with contractors
  • Gives employers visibility over available talent - right candidate, right time
  • Saves hours of wasted time filtering through resumes
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Enable employers to intelligently connect with active talent & for contractors to seek opportunities designed for them

This contractor marketplace is the perfect solution for anyone looking to match employers and contractors in an intelligent way. It can be used internally as a tool for medium to large businesses or as a way for existing / new businesses to create a new revenue stream.

For employers, it gives companies complete visibility over talent pools they wouldn’t otherwise have had. Employers can see when a quality candidate is green lit (ready to accept new contracts) and proactively contact them directly with an offer.

As a candidate seeking flexible work contracts, this solution is ideal. Because it is integrated with Linkedin, there is minimal work involved in setting up a profile and keeping your skills up to date. The freelancer simply needs to update their availability in the calendar to show employers when they are ready to consider new roles.

Light up work availability and preferences

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This solution provides the digital platform for any skilled professional to make themselves VISIBLE by “lighting up” their work preferences and availability status and matching them to companies seeking their skills where and when they need it, eliminating the friction of cost and time!

This system is an industry agnostic “On-demand Talent Matching Platform – in a Box” which is a white-label solution enabling employers or recruiters – their own branded, customizable, talent marketplace plug-in for their website that allows them to “attract and engage” contingent workforce with speed and agility.

This systems strength is in the flexibility of our latest Micro Services technology (SOA) with API integration into the extensive HR tech ecosystem inc LinkedIn, Video, AI and Payroll which allows us to aggregate the best tools in a single robust talent solution.

As a candidate/professional

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As a contractor – creating your profile is made easy with Linkedin integration to sync your experience with one click.

The real magic of this contractor marketplace is that it enables contractors and employers to find each other at the right time. By setting the availability status, employers can offer jobs when it suits.

Contractors can customise their work preferences by adding personal skills, pay rate and locations they are willing to work to make it easy for employers to find them for suitable opportunities.

Each opportunity is relevant and targeted. Employers shortlist the candidate profile for review based on a suitable match of the specific skill set, location and availability. They then send the job brief directly to accept or decline.

Once employers have contacted and negotiated the terms of work, they send the offer. The process turns the contractor’s availability status “lights” from green to red.


  • Intelligent matching of their skills, experience, suitability and availability with casual/permanent
  • Improve their continuity of work based on their available time
  • Enables them to by-pass the time-consuming approach of pitching to recruitment agencies
  • Optional fast creation and auto-update of experience/skills profile by linking to their LinkedIn account
  • Reduce their job/contracts/consulting search process to minutes not days
  • Minimise the idle time between contacts/assignments/gigs = optimising their earning potential
  • Empowers a work/life balance by being in control of their job criteria
  • Protects contractor rates by allowing direct negotiation, no mark ups!

Comprehensive dashboard

In the dashboard section, employers can get a clear overview of the job opportunities posted. It includes all of the essential data including: who has applied, who has been invited for interview, who has been shortlisted and who has declined the offer.

The search for talent is made easy with several filters based around everything from skills to location. View the profiles of the candidates and see security clearances if needed. Instant message to start a conversation.  Create or edit a new opportunity on the go in a few minutes. This contractor marketplace is optimised across devices so you are always connected.

As a a business

As a business, ensure your HR and recruitment team always has full visibility over the best talent in the market – when they are available.

Don’t waste time trawling through unqualified resumes and avoid unnecessary admin fees to middlemen.


  • Bypass the time-consuming and costly traditional approach of briefing recruitment agencies
  • Fast self-service creation and update of casual/permanent jobs opportunities
  • Search creates a shortlist of pre-qualified candidates in seconds – then connect with them online
  • Connect with pre-qualified candidates directly, rather than sifting through partially vetted resumes
  • Cut out the intermediaries and negotiate rates directly and transparently with your chosen professional
  • Keep in touch with your favourite professionals: get future availability alerts, pre-book them for projects
  • Simplify and fully outsource the on-boarding administration
  • Search on roles, skills, experience, certifications, security clearances, rates, locations, availability, etc.
  • Be in full control of your recruitment process and reduce your recruiting fees by up to 80%

Why a talent marketplace?

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  • On-demand Talent Marketplaces are not only more efficient, but also enable companies to change rapidly and innovate in ways that weren’t possible before.
  • 73% of executives we surveyed report that corporate bureaucracies are stifling productivity and innovation. This impacts the company’s ability to change with the market
  • Management Innovation Exchange founders – reported that in the US 21 million members of the US workforce in jobs that create little or no economic value. Moving these individuals to productive work would bring $3 trillion back to the US economy (17% of the US GSP) along with a significant boost in the innovation of their employers! – the potential gains are staggering.
  • Digital technologies and intelligent algorithms eliminate the friction in terms of time, cost, location, quality, and transparency in matching workers to employers.
  • The supply of available, skilled freelance workers is already steady and growing, making on-demand labour not just possible, but also ideal to quickly augment a company’s workforce.
  • These matching platforms will be the railroad tracks of the digital era – eliminating traditional barriers, transparently connecting labour and transforming the business wold through new economic structures.
  • Companies are already using freelance labour platforms (eg Upwork) to supplement their workforce and capabilities with the large and growing pool of talent. (eg Accenture, EY and Deloitte all have their own External talent network)
  • Creating a company’s talent marketplace will unleash the power of people – “People first economy” – early adopters of on-demand talent platforms are seizing the advantage of unlocking unprecedented speed and agility in their workforce.

Top 3 Trend predictions

  • Judgements about freelancers will flip completely as talent marketplaces will provide workers with improved earning opportunities, rewarding work, respected credentials and flexibility
  • Business structures based on a small core and power ecosystems with dominate, whilst legacy companies will experience rapid deterioration and market power.
  • On-demand talent marketplaces will emerge as a primary driver of economic growth
Get up and running within 24 hours
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hours of scoping / design / development time


  • Optimises the hiring process for medium to large businesses

  • Create a new revenue stream for those matching employers with contractors

  • Empowers businesses to quickly hire experienced contractors for important jobs

  • Enables employers to create a curated talent pool where they can choose candidates

  • Saves hours of wasted time digging through unqualified resumes


  • Integrated with Linkedin and pulls data from the candidates profile

  • Integrated with PIMS for payment and accepts multiple currencies

  • Integrated with RISQ for verifications to ensure vetted candidates

  • Intelligent search algorithm for quality matches

  • Instant chat between candidates and employers

  • Sends email notifications

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Industry suitability

Any industry that wants to match employers and contractors with the right skills, at the right time.

We built this because

“We wanted to make finding work to support life circumstances easier. Whether that be for businesses looking for more flexible workers or a mum returning to the workforce after maternity leave - it was too hard. This solution was built to solve that problem”.

  • Thousands of users

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Integrates with
  • Linkedin

  • PIMS for Payments

  • RISQ for verifications

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