Smart Driving App

  • Coaches learner drivers
  • Easily customised for fleet management or logistics tracking
  • Improves safety, potentially reducing insurance premiums
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This smart driving app tracks your trips & coaches better drivers. Easily customisable for many industries.

Although built for an insurance company, this solution could easily be used by driving schools or as the following:

  • Hire car tracker
  • Fleet management app
  • Fleet logbook management
  • Courier/logistics tracker.

Currently being used by one of Australia’s biggest insurance companies, this app is built with a ‘Coach’ feature to help learner drivers master the necessary skills. It scans the environment and encourages drivers to practice across different conditions. These push notifications ensure drivers are engaged but also encouraged to practice safely.

With specially designed lessons and an innovative ‘Road Block’ feature that stops incoming calls while driving – this solution helps create safer drivers and roads.

With an intelligent digital logbook, drivers can easily add their hours of practice using their smartphone – no more paper logbooks.

With a younger demographic in mind, the app is also gamified allowing drivers to compete with their Facebook friends to become the safest driver.  

Digital Logbook

log hours smart driving app for learners

The days of manually logging your driving hours are gone. This app logs every drive, automatically organising your hours into a printable PDF to download when you need it. This could work equally well for truck or bus drivers logging their hours. 

The ‘Smartplace’ feature tracks every detail of your drive including hours, road types, weather data and traffic data – all in real time. Ideal for tracking your drive or your fleet of vehicles.  

From here, the data gets crunched into skill sets so learners know exactly what they are mastering and where they need extra practice.  

Track every detail of every drive

Once you start a new session, this application will track your practice hours, route choice, weather, road type and traffic conditions in real-time. From here, the data gets crunched into skill sets so learners know exactly what they are mastering and where they need extra practice.

Motivation to master every environment

Coach smart driving app for learners

One of the great barriers for new drivers is to get practice in all driving conditions – not just the sunny days!

The ‘Coach’ feature scans the environment and encourages you to practice across different conditions. For example, it knows when rain is forecasted and encourages you to take care and hit the road for those wet weather hours.

Learn New Skills every lesson

The key driving skills have all been designed by an accredited instructor. These are displayed each time you start a drive so these essential skills are always on the top of your mind when needed most.

These rules could be customized depending on industry. For example: a rental car company could set reminders about what petrol to use, side of the road to drive on, etc.

Stop bad habits before they begin

road block smart app for learner drivers

One of the really innovative features of this app is the Road Block feature.

This turns on whenever a learner starts a session, automatically silencing incoming calls. It sends the caller a text telling them that you will reply when you have stopped driving.

Features like this prevent the urge to text and drive while encouraging better driving habits.

Challenge friends to become the safest driver

leaderboard smart driving app for learners

You can see a list of your Facebook friends who also use the app so you can compete to see who will become the learner of the week, month or all time. Access the leaderboard anytime.


Get up and running within 24 hours
You’re in control
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hours of scoping / design / development time


  • Encourages safer driving & discourages bad habits

  • Improves compliance

  • Potentially reduces insurance premiums

  • Reduces admin times for drivers, business and government

  • For insurance companies, make your brand stand out as the safest

  • For rental car companies, track your car’s trips.

  • Acts as a coach, advising what skills need more work and which are mastered


  • Tracks every element of your drive including: weather, road types, traffic, GPS location, day / night location.

  • Encourages learner drivers to tackle varied driving conditions

  • Easily download your logbook hours as a PDF

  • Android and iOS

  • Gamified – drivers can challenge their Facebook friends

  • Easily customizable for any industry.

  • Blocks your phone from ringing when driving

Used by
Industry suitability

Insurance Companies

Driving School

Fleet Management


Car Manufacturer


Car Rental


Private Bus / Truck Companies


We built this because

“For the most part, new drivers are still logging their hours manually and working off paper. Our client asked us to build a phone application for a new generation of drivers where they could digitally log their hours, receive coaching, help block bad habits and encourage younger drivers to take to the roads safely. This app successfully ticks all of those boxes and more”

  • 15,000 registered drivers.

  • 15,000 supervisors


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