Tutoring Portal & Management Software

  • Match your contractors (tutors) and customers by location and skillset
  • Manage various customer and client relationships in one reliable place
  • Create simple email marketing campaigns
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All-in-one small business CRM

Although this smart CRM software was built to facilitate the relationship between tutors and students, it can be used by any small business looking to manage customer relationships.

It has everything an owner or administrator needs to run a thriving and efficient small business. From email marketing campaigns to sales all the way through to teaching resources and monthly reporting and invoicing, this solution is a tried and trusted central source of truth.

Location based matching of freelancers to customers

match students small business CRM marketing software

The small business CRM enables you to match your freelancers with targeted students in a specific location based on geography, availability, pay rate and skillset.

Create SEO-friendly pages based on location to optimise search results.


Customisable communication module

Communication module small business CRM marketing software

In the comprehensive communication module, you can easily create email templates, invoices and any form of messaging for customers or staff.

You can create marketing email templates that will help sell your brand or share teaching resources for your customers.

Keep in regular touch with your remote staff with automated email messaging to ensure consistency across the business.

Easy to manage payments section

Manage accounts receivable and payable in the payments section. Monitor income, set up automated payments and download statements.

This software generates invoices for all tutors. You can also edit and change the hourly rates as needed.  

Interactive client dashboard

Remove the barrier between client and customer with the client dashboard. The client can login to make payments, learn more about available tutors, download resources you have created and edit their profile.

Share promotions and promote positive channels of communication with messaging on the platform.

Comprehensive admin dashboard

Within the administration dashboard, have a simple view of all your working relationships and tasks.

Set up invoices, regular auto payments, create client statements and show clearly the staff who are yet to be paid. Set up automatic email and SMS reminders to ensure efficient business and timely payment.

Customer friendly tutor portal

Tutor profile small business CRM marketing software

Manage your freelancer working relationships easily in the tutor portal. In this section, your staff can create and edit their profile, seek out available students, manage their payments and keep all of their resources in one place.

Intuitive sales portal

sales portal small business CRM marketing software

Manage all of your sales information in the sales portal. Capture and convert leads to ensure no potential customer slips through the cracks.

The easy to use sales portal enables you to filter so only the relevant information will be shown.

Get up and running within 24 hours
You’re in control
You get a copy of the source code
Tailor the interface
Add and remove functionality

hours of scoping / design / development time


  • Reduce admin time with automated payments and invoices

  • Improve stakeholder communication with client, tutor and admin portals.

  • Create and share email marketing campaigns.

  • Set reminders to reactivate dormant customers and ensure timely payments

  • Consolidates all information in one place

  • All in one marketing, sales, customer management software


  • Matchmaking software

  • Automated emails, invoicing and payments

  • Debt collection facility

  • Create SEO-friendly pages based on location

  • Capture leads

  • See monthly reports and statements

  • Tutor profile is mobile optimised

Used by
Industry suitability

Anywhere where there is 2 big groups that need to be matched up. 

We built this because

“We wanted something that did everything we need in one place with no unnecessary distractions. This small business CRM allows us to manage the admin side of things easily so we can focus on the core business.”

  • Handles 50 administrators at any one time

Hosting environment
Amazon Web Services
Technology logo - solutions page small biz CRM
Integrates with
  • Mandrill

  • SMS

  • Google Maps

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