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Advanced Visual Design Platform

This comprehensive solution enables teams to create incredible designs easily. This includes screen designs, high quality icons, presentations, illustrations, prototyping, animation and print – all in one intuitive cutting edge tool.

Rather than design projects across a series of tools like Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or Invision – this software empowers users to create high quality content, easier and in one efficient place.

Considered the most efficient and powerful vector based UI/UX/graphic design tool to date, it houses thousands of templates with native support for Sketch, SVG, PDF and with the potential to add millions more templates. It is also the only web solution to support Adobe color standards.

Users can design and customise fonts easily and import them permanently into projects for ongoing use. The clean, intuitive interface adjusts itself exactly the way you would expect it.

Smart Driving App

Although built for an insurance company, this solution could easily be used by driving schools or as the following:

  • Hire car tracker
  • Fleet management app
  • Fleet logbook management
  • Courier/logistics tracker.

Currently being used by one of Australia’s biggest insurance companies, this app is built with a ‘Coach’ feature to help learner drivers master the necessary skills. It scans the environment and encourages drivers to practice across different conditions. These push notifications ensure drivers are engaged but also encouraged to practice safely.

With specially designed lessons and an innovative ‘Road Block’ feature that stops incoming calls while driving – this solution helps create safer drivers and roads.

With an intelligent digital logbook, drivers can easily add their hours of practice using their smartphone – no more paper logbooks.

With a younger demographic in mind, the app is also gamified allowing drivers to compete with their Facebook friends to become the safest driver.  

Job Management Software for Trades

Although built for the arboriculture industry, this job management software is perfect for any trade where compliance and efficiency is key.

Each user has a different set of permissions and access. For staff in the field – life is made easier as this solution acts like a mobile control room. Using a phone or tablet, it provides an extremely clear picture of the jobs to do, tasks to complete and processes to follow.

Because the field staff are following a structured process, there is no need for a large administrative staff in the office. There is zero room for human error with regards to compliance, staff qualifications, tools, annual leave, invoicing and more.

In a world that is increasingly focused on both quality and compliance, this job management software is the perfect tool for customers also. Customers can conduct their own desktop audit from their office. Because customers have their own unique logins, it empowers them to have full confidence in the job while also removing the need for back and forward emails.

Major Emergency Response Application

Provide your response team with the comprehensive tool they need to function calmly in the face of crisis.

Corporate Proposal Generator
Increase client conversion rates and the productivity of your engineering/sales teams with this corporate proposal generator.
Contractor & Freelancer Marketplace

This beautifully designed contractor & freelancer marketplace is the perfect solution for any business that wants to connect freelance staff with jobs and agencies.

The application seamlessly connects the hirer and candidates directly. The application enables the hirer to create a brief, receive tailor matched candidates, the hirer can then vet and book candidates directly all in one place. Candidate timesheets and invoices are also managed within the application.

Recruitment made easy for recruiters or for employers hiring directly and attracting talent.

Traditionally a recruiter or hiring manager’s time can be wasted at the lower end of the market checking availability and arranging interviews. This responsive application solves that problem by automating all contract and low level recruitment, freeing up the recruiter or hiring manager to work on critical business roles, business development & talent attraction.