Top 10 Startup-friendly Solutions

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Top 10 Startup-friendly Tech Solutions 

All too frequently, startups spend too much time and money building their MVP, and not enough on marketing and improving their solution based on real world feedback.

Most startups either:

  1. Hire developers or an agency to build a basic MVP from scratch.
  2. Use a SaaS model like Shopify, pay a monthly fee and worry about scale and differentiation later.

Both have obvious pros and cons. Increasingly, however, Australian startup companies have come to AlreadyBuilt to seek a third alternative; a proven, comprehensive piece of tech for the price of an MVP. Not all of our solutions are within the budget of a startup so to help filter – we have created a list of the top 10 solutions that are startup friendly in both functionality and price.  

The Marketplaces


1. Peer to Peer Rental Marketplace

This marketplace enables owners to list their assets or possessions for other users to rent.

Though it was built for the sharing of electric cars, it could apply to anything that gets rented from bikes to boats. If you have found a business niche in this space, this solution is perfect.

Much like CarNextDoor, it uses mapped locations to match owners with renters to ensure close proximity and availability of assets. As the business owner, you receive a commission on every transaction.

2. Contractor & Freelancer Marketplace 

This is a beautifully designed marketplace for freelancers and contractors. It is comprehensive in what it enables you to do. You can create job descriptions on the go from your phone, receive tailor matched candidates, invoice with a click and automate lower level tasks.

Whether it is a startup or a smart addition to a company, this would suit pretty much any industry with freelancing / mass contracting including: construction, healthcare, tech, oil and gas and creative / marketing industries.

3. Peer to Peer Marketplace App

This iOS mobile application enables users to buy and sell items hassle-free. The usual barriers – organising payments and shipping, are all handled via the app, enabling your users to transact with peace of mind.

It seamlessly integrates payments and shipping and offers live notifications and a social experience. Perfect to fast-track the launch of your business safely and within budget.

4. Online Coaching marketplace  

This online coaching marketplace enables virtual consultations or lessons between students and teachers or service providers. Find instructors, book a time-slot, and participate in an online video conference at that time.

Students are able to purchase, book and attend online video sessions. It also has the functionality to capture a percentage of booking revenue.

Perfect for anyone looking to start a tutoring / coaching / training or workshop organisation.


E-Commerce Solutions 


5. Tinder Style E-Commerce App

This simple and fun iOS phone application guarantees customer engagement to optimise sale potential. Enables your customers to discover new products daily and share via wishlists. It also enables users to buy products securely via the app.

Perfect for pretty much any startup that wants to sell a product including fashion, gifts, furniture, real estate, wholesalers and cosmetics.


6. Subscription E-Commerce

Used by BoxGreen marketplace, this responsive e-commerce site enables subscription purchases and gifting. The best way to describe it is from the original creators:

“It provides a highly personalised experience for our customers. The built in analytics enable us to get an in depth customer understanding and get to product market fit fast. The shop, gifting and subscription functionality is already built so you’re free to focus on marketing”.


Other Solutions


7. Online ticketing website

There are ticketing options out there but they always take a good chunk of your hard earned profits and often don’t provide the greatest user experience.

This easy to use responsive site enables you to grow your online ticket sales for your attractions and venues. The ticket sales website captures all relevant information including date and time, and allows users to enter coupon codes in order to receive discounted tickets. Also integrates seamlessly with secure payment gateways.

8. Learning and Testing platform

This learning and testing platform is perfect for anyone in the education or coaching game. It allows a business to deliver online training via courses, each containing multiple lessons with optional downloadable resources (PDF’s). Lessons are comprised of text, images and videos. You can either use it in tandem with face to face session or independently as a learning system.

It really empowers effective, scalable learning and testing through behavioural change tracking.

9. Crowdfunding Platform

This smart platform enables users to run open ended or fixed crowdfunding campaigns. It is easy to use and provides the easiest way to connect creator’s ideas with financial backers and feedback.

Members of the public can browse available campaigns, and provide feedback on ideas creators have submitted that they want ‘Peer Review’ feedback on. It also accepts online credit card payments.

If you don’t find a solution that fits your needs here, give us an overview of what you are looking for and we can source it for you.

10. Performance Review Software 

This software is the perfect tool for startups who are starting to grow and need to scale smartly. It empowers small to medium businesses to drive positive culture while automating time-consuming tasks. It also enables you to give staff feedback in a structured and systematic manner to ensure each staff member is fully supported and driven to achieve their potential.

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